Priorities/ Research Line

Priorities/ Research Line

1.    Detection and prevention of zoonotic disease transmission risk to animal workers

2.    Microbiome and Microbial transmission between people living closely with livestock

3.    Spatial Mapping and predicting the spread of zoonotic infection

4.    Human health impact of zoonotic diseases: innovative approaches for enhanced diagnosis and prevention in high risk groups

5.    Integrated surveillance for tropical and zoonotic infection in humans, animals and the environment.

6.    Neglected tropical Infectious diseases (NID) 

7.    Emerging and remerging infectious disease

8.    Viral and parasitic infection

9.    Study and investigation of the epidemic zoonotic disease

10. Pathological investigation of Zoonotic diseases

11. Recognitions and genotype deceleration of zoonotic diseases

12. Recognitions and identifications of animal vector and reservoir

13. Surveillance of food infectious.

14. Monitoring Constance on food hygiene and its effects on food, water and soil born disease and its relation with human health.