Zoonotic Diseases Research Center


Zoonotic diseases research center is one of the four research centers of Ilam University of Medical Sciences which studies zoonotic diseases (common diseases between human and animals).  The center started its work in 2019. Being supported by Ilam University of medical Sciences office of vice-chancellor for research and technology and researchers of the center, this center is prepared to accept research projects and cooperate with researcher all over the country. 

The center aimed to investigate and develop more applied research on Zoonotic diseases to help for diagnosis and identifications of the specific diseases in this area which it could help for development of a new strain of vaccine, drug and programing for prevention of spraying the zoonotic disease in this province and Neighborhood city. Although public health promotion has led to a reduction in infectious diseases, there are yet some infectious diseases, like viral infection, Leishmaniasis, Hydatidosis, brucellosis and veterinary borne diseases which still to be study and investigated which are common in developing countries.

Some viral tropical infections include Dengue, Yellow fever, Rotavirus, AIDS, Ebola and Lassa fever. Parasitic infections caused by protozoa include Malaria, Leishmaniasis and parasitic diarrhea. Some examples of bacterial tropical infections include Cholera, Escherichia coli, Tuberculosis and Hansen's disease (leprosy).

International/National Research collaboration

We are affiliated to the Ilam University of Medical Sciences and aimed to cooperate in joint projects with National and International research centers.We work closely with colleagues in basic science, medical and veterinary institutions on a range of zoonotic and emerging disease projects. An important underlying theme is that of “One Health” considering human and animal disease in a common framework at Ilam Province, Western borderline of Iran.

Vision: ZDRC strives to be a world class research center in the field of zoonosis diseases

Zoonotic Diseases Research Center, Ilam University of Medical Sciences, Ilam, Iran
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  • Address: End of Pajouhesh Blvd, Ilam - Iran
  • Postal Code: 6939177143 
  • Phone Number:08432235724
  • Fax Number: 08432235721
  • Email: zdrc@medilam.ac.ir