1. Joint collaboration with teachers, researchers and students
  2. Effective collaboration with other national, international, industrial, academic, scientific and research centers by conducting fundamental and applied research in the control, prevention and treatment of zoonotic disease.
  3. Improving community health, through effective control and intervention in zoonotic diseases
  4. Establishing a non-operational defense base in facing Bioterrorism and Zoonotic Diseases
  5. Determine the prevalence and incidence of diseases in the region and communities at different population
  6. Determine the burden of the disease and provide appropriate solutions to reduce the damage
  7. Determination of biological characteristics of pathogens in the region
  8. Determination and identification of emerging and remerging diseases in the region and country
  9. Prioritizing infectious diseases in the region and country
  10. Determining and elevation of people's knowledge, attitude and practice in dealing with infectious diseases and zoonosis
  11. Determination of risk factors of diseases and correlation with different environmental factors
  12. Determining effective treatment methods and finding the most appropriate treatment for infectious and zoonotic diseases